Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Very, Very Special Watermelon

In the interests of keeping my readers informed about the latest in watermelon news, I feel compelled to post this item.

Apparently, last month a watermelon was sold at auction for ¥65,000 (almost $6000 CDN) in Japan.

Who knew there were such things as "watermelon auctions?" This got me curious, so I looked up "watermelon auction" on Google. In between links about the $6000 watermelon, I discovered this link, about another watermelon sold at auction for $4000 in Australia.

Is this a trend or something? Is watermelon suddenly a "must-have" item, hipper than flip-flops or carrying a miniature dog around in your purse? I'm picturing Sotheby's or Christie's Auction House listings, with descriptions like,

"This watermelon, of the organic sugar baby variety, was grown by Lord Pommel of Grace Hill. It was believed to have been harvested in 1894, a fine vintage prized for it's texture and colour. Other watermelons in the vintage are reported to have an appealing nose with a hint of raspberry and an aggressive finish. This specimen is particularly valuable, having been owned by William Faulkner while he was writing his masterpiece 'As I Lay Dying.' Rind is in excellent condition, with no scuffs or pockmarks. Starting bid $9000."

I hope the buyers really enjoyed their watermelons.



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