Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Life By Memory

My computer is still at the hospital. They have been able to retrieve all my data, but they still haven't figured out what went wrong. The hard drive seems to be okay-- it may be a operating system problem or some kind of problem with the hardware in my iBook. I should get a more definitive answer tomorrow.

In the meantime, I've been having a very different kind of week. Since my entire calendar was on my computer, I have to rely on my memory of what I'm supposed to be doing at any given time. It's quite possible I have stood people up or forgotten important deadlines, but if so I haven't heard about it yet.

Every afternoon I have music students. Some days the lessons start at 2 pm, some days at 3 pm. So each day this week I have made sure I'm at home at 2 pm, and then I wait for a student to knock on the door. Sometimes I remember who is coming, but other times I have no idea. There's a certain "happy accident" quality to each afternoon which has been an unexpected treat. I have had to be more spontaneous with each student since I haven't had a chance to prepare for them. Most of them have also been very sympathetic about my computer woes, which helps.

When I don't have students, there is barely anything productive I can do without my computer. So I've decided to give myself a break, and just enjoy the enforced down time (Yes, yes, I know, I could be cleaning or organizing my papers or any number of useful things, but somehow I can't bring myself to do any of those things.)

This is my life by memory. I hope it doesn't last too much longer!



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