A Kinder Season

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A Kinder Season - Eve's third album, is a remarkable personal testament to the joy and hope that lurks somewhere beyond the heartache, and the sweetness that can be found even in the bitterest seasons of life. Recorded in the months after her mother’s death, the album fuses Eve’s rootsy eclecticism with an emotional candor that may pleasantly surprise her fans. And for the first time, Eve has recorded an album of all-original material. Twelve new songs firmly establish Eve as a compelling and thoughtful writer whose songs draw honey from the rock of human experience. Produced by Ken Whiteley, the album runs the stylistic gamut from contemporary singer-songwriter to bluegrass, swing, improvisatory jazz, fingerstyle blues, and even hints of r&b, all with Eve’s pure, clear voice, versatile guitar, and thoughtful songs at the centre. With guest appearances by Ken Whiteley, George Koller, Victor Bateman, Dave Clarke, Brad Hart, Sweet Water Women, Chris Coole, Marilyn Lerner, Anne Lindsay, Tannis Slimmon, Roman Borys, and Erynn Marshall.

Track Listing

  1. Been in the Storm So Long (3:12) - A medium tempo, bluesy song-- based on an African American Spiritual-- about withstanding the storms of life. Djembe, mandolin, harmony vocals, and a hint of tremolo Epiphone guitar join acoustic guitar and acoustic bass.
  2. Let Me Rise (3:05) - An upbeat bluegrassy song about gathering love around you in the desert that is modern life. Features acoustic guitar solo, mandolin, and harmony chorus.
  3. One in a Million (3:58) - A daughter reflects on her complex relationship with her father, who died of a disease that affects one in a million people. Vibraphone, acoustic guitar solo, acoustic bass.
  4. Pebble in the Water (2:36) - A simple call and response song featuring Sweet Water Women that builds into many layers of voices. With water bottles, hand drums, rattles, bells, and rainstick.
  5. Old Tin Cup/Peel the Onion (4:47) - A song about holding on to the simple things of life is sweetened with banjo, double fiddles, dumbek, and harmony chorus. Song leads directly into a medium tempo fiddle tune.
  6. Leaving Nova Scotia Blues (3:05) - A nostalgic fingerpicking blues about leaving behind the beautiful people and scenery of Nova Scotia. Just Eve’s voice, banjo-guitar, and guitar.
  7. Choose Love (3:46) - A songwriter's response to 9/11 and the global events that have followed. Medium tempo acoustic R&B feel, with a touch of organ, tasteful electric and acoustic guitars, drums and harmony chorus.
  8. Do You Want to Get Married (4:28) - A bluesy, ragtimey wedding proposal features fiddle, lap steel, acoustic guitars, and drums. Ends with a cacophony of kazoos, lap steel, and rambling spoken outro.
  9. Funny How Love Can Die (4:23) - A heartbreaking love-gone-sour song that sounds like an old jazz standard. Acoustic bass, piano, acoustic guitar, and brushes.
  10. Blue and Low Down (2:54) - Captivating acoustic guitar, mandolin, brushes, and harmony “oohs” highlight a fingerpicking blues with a minor twist about being far from your loved one.
  11. When the Leaves Began to Fall (5:09) - A ballad about love lost and found again, and the bittersweet seasons of life. Acoustic bass, piano, and fiddle weave a beautiful jazz-inflected fantasia around the intimate vocal.
  12. Little Boat (4:21) - A song about being alone and lonely on the ocean of life, but somehow managing to carry on. Violin and cello add a chamber music touch to the acoustic guitar, percussion, and acoustic bass.

All songs ©Eve Goldberg, SOCAN

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