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1. Radio show that used Eve’s instrumental
tune as its opening theme

3. Title of Eve’s second album

4. Watermelon ___________

8. Canada’s national broadcaster

10. Eve’s music is a mixture of ___________ ,
blues, country and other roots styles

12. City where Eve currently lives

14. Title of Eve’s first album

16. Eve’s main instrument

17. Sweet ___________ Music

18. Title of Eve’s most recent CD


2. Eve helped found the
Common Thread Community ___________

3. A place to enjoy caffeinated beverages
and live music

5. The folk chanteuse shown below

6. Eve’s favourite fruit

7. The producer of Eve’s last two
albums was Ken ___________

9. Eve’s record label

11. Eve also performs with the group
Girls with ___________

13. Eve is opening in February 2008
for Connie ___________

15. City where Eve was born

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