Crossing The Water

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Crossing The Water coverCrossing The Water - Filled with more of Eve's trademark eclectic acoustic style, Crossing the Water is sure to cement her reputation as one of Canada's foremost singers, songwriters, and interpreters. The album includes songs by some of her favourite songwriters, including Jane Voss, Bill Staines, Iris DeMent and Tom Paxton, as well as some of her own sparkling originals. The album also includes three songs written by Eve with her producer and musical colleague Ken Whiteley. Once again Eve enlists the talents of a host of talented musicians, including Ken Whiteley, Chris Whiteley, George Koller, Dennis Pendrith, Chris Coole, Anne Lindsay, Colleen Allen, Tannis Slimmon, Ciceal Levy, Amoy Levy and The Downtown Syncopated Sweetwater Choir. Listening to Crossing The Water will satisfy all of your musical tastes: classic blues, bluegrass, old-time Appalachian, swing, gospel, and contemporary folk styles add up to a great meal of music!

Track Listing

  1. There’s Something About a Sunday (Eve Goldberg/Ken Whiteley) (4:08) - A new song in the classic blues style. Featuring piano, guitar, saxophone, and acoustic bass
  2. Mama’s Opry (Iris DeMent) (3:32) - An upbeat country/bluegrass-style song about being musically inspired by your mother. Fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, harmony vocals, and acoustic bass
  3. It Rains Everywhere I Go (Don Cusic) (2:39) - A song of love lost in a country vein. Guitars, accordion, acoustic bass, rainstick, harmony vocals.
  4. Union Street Café (Eve Goldberg/Ken Whiteley) (3:10) - A jazzy-bluesy tribute to a wonderful eating establishment in Berwick Nova Scotia. Guitar, piano, trumpets, electric bass, tuba, washboard, brushes.
  5. Down to Tennessee (Eve Goldberg) (2:04) - Old-time Appalachian style about my early love of southern culture. Fretless banjo, fiddle, harmony vocals.
  6. The Thing That Makes You Beautiful (Jane Voss) (3:19) - A touching song that reminds us that we’re all beautiful. Country waltz time. Twin fiddles, guitars, acoustic bass, harmony vocals
  7. Going Back to Boston (Eve Goldberg) (3:09) - A travelling blues. Guitar, mandolin, harmonica, bass
  8. Take These Chains From My Heart (Hy Heath/Fred Rose) (3:36) - Another great hurtin’ song. I learned it from Hank Williams, but it’s been recorded by lots of country singers. We did it up in classic blues style. Guitar, piano, trumpet, bass
  9. Did You Hear John Hurt? (Tom Paxton) (2:34) - Tom Paxton’s classic song about Mississippi John Hurt. Guitar, bass, shaker, harmony vocal
  10. Rosie the Riveter (Revisited) (Linda Allen) (3:14) - A haunting song that relates the story of thousands of North American women during World War II. A capella with spine tingling three part harmony.
  11. Sheshatsiu Lullaby (Eve Goldberg) (3:10) - Written for the children of the First Nations community of Sheshatsiu in Labrador, where children struggle with issues of solvent abuse, poverty, isolation, and cultural dislocation. Guitar, bowed bass, piano, fiddle, harmony vocal
  12. You Don’t Need to Miss Me (Eve Goldberg/Ken Whiteley) (2:50) - A goodbye song for all my friends and family, scattered far and wide.
  13. Crossing the Water (Bill Staines) (3:07) - An uplifting chorus song to finish things off. Recorded with a 45-person sing-along choir at the Cecil Community Centre in Toronto. Piano, bass, harmony vocals.

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