Eve has been featured numerous times on radio, in print, and on television.

Her CDs have received extensive radio airplay in Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain. Her song "Let Me Rise" was the most played Canadian song on playlists posted by folk radio show hosts to the folkdj-l listserv in 2007. Her CDs have been aired on contemporary and traditional folk shows, as well as those featuring bluegrass, blues, jazz, swing, old-time, and singer-songwriter music. She has been a guest on national and regional CBC radio shows, appeared on live concert broadcasts in Canada and the US, and been interviewed on dozens of radio shows. Her song "Watermelon Sorbet" was used for years as the opening theme to "Richardson's Roundup," a popular national daily show on CBC Radio One.

Eve has been profiled in newspapers such as The Toronto Star, The Kitchener-Waterloo Record, the Montreal Gazette, the Barrie Examiner, and many more. Her CDs have been reviewed in national folk magazines such as Dirty Linen, Sing Out!, and Penguin Eggs, and her second album "Crossing the Water" was given honourable mention by Penguin Eggs magazine as one of the top CDs released in 2003.

She has made many live appearances on TV, including Rogers TV in Mississauga, ON and Barrie, ON; A-Channel in London, Ontario, Halifax Nova Scotia, and Calgary, Alberta; City-TV in Toronto, and more.