Eve on Stage

Wherever she performs, Eve Goldberg knows that it's all about connecting with her audience. Since 1990, she has travelled across Canada and the United States, performing at large concert halls, outdoor festivals, folk clubs, and house concerts. But no matter how small or large the venue is, an Eve Goldberg performance is an intimate, authentic, and uplifting experience.

Eve is an engaging performer with a warm, relaxed stage presence, a clear, expressive voice, and a solid guitar style. Her concerts move effortlessly between the many styles that have deeply influenced her, including folk, blues, bluegrass, swing, jazz, old-time and gospel. Whether singing her own song, delivering an interpretation of another writer's song, or serving up traditional material, Eve blends a contemporary acoustic sound with a heartfelt respect for older styles. Audiences love the rich musical texture of her performances, as she sings a quiet ballad one minute, picks a guitar instrumental the next, belts out a blues the next, and tops it off with a stirring a capella chorus. But more than anything, listeners respond to Eve's music because it is about the everyday lives of ordinary people— their joys, hopes, struggles and triumphs.

"I think people are yearning for authentic music about real people that they can relate to," says Eve. "And they are hungering for connection to other people. I hope when I perform that I can create an experience that will leave the audience feeling like they have been fed in a deep way."